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Document Templates In The Orchard

All documents are updated regularly to keep up with any changes to legislation.

Client contracts and terms and conditions.

Protect your relationships and make your clients feel cared for with a wide range of client contract templates including documents suitable for health business or life coaching, coaching combined with healing and therapy (one to one and online versions), more corporate consultancy arrangements, supplying more generic services and physical and digital products.

Your relationship with your clients is one of the most precious assets of your business and so protecting and respecting that relationship with a properly drafted written contract is quite simply good business sense.

Contract for VAs, outsourcers and other team members.

At some point you will need help with your business. Understand your rights when you’re ready to outsource or get support from a VA and feel confident knowing: your content, products and services are protected; you will own any Intellectual Property your team creates for you (warning – unless you have a written agreement in place this will NOT be the case); and you will have protection against any nasty unexpected tax bills.

Customer Testimonial Release Form

Retreat Agreement

 Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement

Website Documents Bundle.

Safeguard your website with all the documents you need to ensure you’re covered for GDPR (avoiding costly fines), cookie regulations and to deter people from pinching your precious content and other intellectual property.

Joint Venture Webinar and Joint Venture Event Agreements.

Collaborate confidently with others using the joint venture webinar contract and the joint venture event contract and solidify your business relationships. As your business develops you will have opportunities to join forces with like-minded souls to promote your services and products. These contracts will not only help to avoid hassle and fallouts and protect you legally (think: safeguarding your intellectual property and clear division of tasks and responsibilities) they will also provide you with a checklist of the things you need to cover off when reaching a commercial deal. The first time you negotiate a joint venture you will be beyond grateful for these agreements and the confidence they give you. This is just the nudge you need to stop procrastinating and start doing!

Template Email and Letter

For when someone pinches your content

Licence Agreement

Licence other business users to use your intellectual property in excange for a fee – all while making sure you protect your IP and remain in control of it.