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In the Orchard Legal Membership we will take you from:

  • overwhelm and insecurity about your legals
  • to getting solid foundations in place
  • right through to building your confidence as your business grows
  • so you can make the most of the opportunities that come your way

Join Now

  • Access all the template documents for your legal foundations
  • Use the training videos and audio recordings to help you customise each document for your business
  • First three months of content (Orchard Bootcamp) released monthly and with extra support from me to avoid overwhelm and make sure you get your foundations in place
  • Access our private Facebook Group with weekly live Q&A’s
  • Join our monthly group Legal Drop In and get your questions answered by an expert
  • Pay monthly or pay for 12 month upfront (and get 2 months membership for free!)
  • Cancel your membership at any time on 30 days written notice

*Get 2 months membership for free! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business is The Membership suitable for?

The Membership is perfect for coaches, therapists and healers and other heart-centred services providers

Do I need it when I am starting out?

This is the best time of all to get your legal foundations in place. You need your client contract or ts and cs in place BEFORE you start to sell your products or services. It will also make you look professional which will give you confidence to get your business going.

Can't I get these documents for free online?

Look – we know it is tempting! But we have been given countless contracts to review that clients have tried to put together themselves from examples they have found online (and clients have spent hours and hours trying to cobble together those documents.) In every single case, there were really crucial sections missing or wrong. Often the contracts are out of date and/or do not comply with relevant legislation. They are also often old-fashioned and full of legal jargon. Although it is tempting to copy what is out there online, in our experience it is a false economy and your business honestly deserves better.

Can you review my document or draft sections for me at the legal drop in?

We cannot review your document at the legal drop in or actually draft clauses for you, but you will be able to get detailed input from us and ask any specific questions you have to put you in a great position to fill the templates out yourself.

If I am a Member, are you my lawyer?

As we make very clear in our terms, The Orchard is not registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. It is a platform for you to obtain help and guidance to get your legal foundations in place from an expert but it does not constitute one to one legal advice. If you would like regulated legal advice, please contact us at and I can provide you with a quote for my services on this basis through a law firm which is registered with the SRA.

The ideal for any business is to have bespoke legal documents drafted specifically for it by a solicitor who is familiar with their type of business. However, we have first hand experience of the impossible struggle most small businesses experience to pay for one to one legal advice and the drain they experience on their cash flow of having to pay large legal bills in one go. For many businesses this is just not an option and they end up risking their business and their assets by trying to put together their documents themselves. The Orchard Membership has been created to offer a much more attractive alternative through template documents drafted by an expert in your type of business and with resources to support you in modifying the templates to suit your circumstances.

Am I tied into the membership for a minimum period of time?

No.  This means there is no risk to you in joining – we wanted to make it a complete no-brainer for you to sign up and get your legal foundations in place.  The world needs you on your A game!  That said, you should count on staying for at least 3 months if you want to make sure your basic legal foundations are in place.  Most of our members stay for much longer as they love the feeling of security being in our community brings and it enables them to do their best work AND keep uplevelling with confidence as new opportunities come their way.  Many of our members have progressed from getting the basics in place to writing books, hosting luxury retreats, joint ventures with thought leaders, producing TV shows and much more and they have benefitted enormously from having the membership to bounce ideas off and work out what they need to cover when negotiating deals and turning dreams into reality.  But the great thing is you know you can cancel your membership at any time if you need to.

Will my membership fees increase in the future?

No.  No matter what fees new members pay, as long as you remain a member in good standing (no missed or delayed payments) you will not pay any more than when you joined.

Natasha was so helpful from the word go. As soon as I received my coaching contract from her I was over the moon! I had been trying to draft my own for so long and that really just does not work, you can trust me on that one! Natasha’s template coaching contract was perfect for me. Thank you for all your help and support Natasha.

Izabella Levey

Success Coach & Mentor

Natasha made the long-overdue process of getting a contract very easy. And the resulting contract too is excellent – easy to understand and written in fluent ‘human’ – no jargon or waffle. Pricing was fair and transparent and the whole experience was far easier than I expected. I will be recommending Natasha to anyone I know looking for contracts or legal advice.

Claire Foss

Waterfall PR

Please Note: The Orchard is not registered with the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority. It is a platform for you to obtain help and guidance to get you legal foundations in place from an expert but it does not constitute one to one legal advice. If you would like regulated legal advice, please contact us at and we can provide you with a quote for our services through a law firm which is registered with the SRA.