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Enrolment for The Orchard legal membership for coaches is currently closed. Find out more here >>> 

The easy and cost-effective way for you to get your legal foundations in place…

setting you free to get on with your best work!

You have a business that has the power to change people’s lives. You know you are capable of doing incredible work. But you also know that you should be doing more to take care of this wonderful business and life that you are creating.

You realise that in order to do your best work you need contracts and other legal protection and being without that protection makes you feel vulnerable, irresponsible and unprofessional but:

  •  You just can’t work out where to begin – you keep looking at other people’s terms and conditions online but they don’t seem quite right for your business and your brand and you are worried about getting it wrong
  • You’ve spent ages trying to pull together your own contract from samples you have found online combined with sections you’ve made up but you don’t feel able to trust it and it’s left you feeling uneasy
  • You have a ton of other priorities for your cashflow right now, setting up your website, systems and marketing so you can get your products and services out into the world. You simply don’t have thousands left in the pot to pay for expensive lawyers’ bills
  • And even if you did,  business lawyers seem so unapproachable and a million miles away from your modern vibrant business.  You’re pretty sure they wouldn’t understand what you do and the idea of trying to explain it all to a stiff in a suit is deepy unappealing!

Well, say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm and sticking your head in the sand – we DO understand all about your wonderful business and we have made it incredibly easy and cost-effective for you to get your legal foundations in place setting you free to get on with your best work!

Welcome to The Orchard Legal Membership!

In The Orchard Legal Membership you follow a step by step path to take you from:

  • the insecurity of not knowing what you need or having something in place you don’t feel you can rely on
  • to working out exactly what you need for your business
  • to getting your essential legal foundations in place (including the most important document for your business – your client contract)

  • to understanding and implementing all the new things you need as your business grows and evolves.

The entrepreneurial journey has many twists and turns,

and we are on that path with you supporting you all the way.

  • Get your legal foundations in place with ease and good energy.
  • Follow the Orchard Path, where we support you every step of the way in taking action and implementing all our great resources
  • Created by Natasha Minchella, specialist lawyer for coaches, therapists and healers, just for businesses like yours
  • Easy to complete templates with audio & video guidance
  • Private Facebook group with weekly live Q&A’s
  • Regular Access to Natasha in monthly online Legal Drop In’s
  • New members join The Orchard Bootcamp for the first three months
  • In The Orchard Bootcamp, we release content monthly to hold overwhelm at bay and keep you accountable in a separate dedicated Facebook group with additional Q and A sessions.
  • At the end of Bootcamp you will have your client contract and/or terms and conditions sorted, your website documents and GDPR consents in place and a roadmap for the next steps you need to take for where you are on the entrepreneurial journey
  • Following The Orchard path will give you total confidence and peace of mind, leaving you free to focus your energy on the parts of your business that really light you up.

A bit more about me and The Orchard

I am Natasha Minchella and I am a small business owner on the entrepreneurial journey – just like you.

I completely understand that feeling of helplessness and overwhelm when you know you need to get something crucial in place for your business but you just don’t know where to begin or how you are going to find the budget.

Even when you are in the flow and working on your wonderful products and services you have a nagging feeling which stops you from doing your best work and from sleeping soundly at night.

That is why I have taken all my experience from more than 20 years of helping small businesses with their contracts and other legal protection and used it to develop a system for lightworkers like you to get your legal foundations in place: without breaking the bank and without tying up all their precious cash flow.

Good News Alert! Now you no longer have to choose between promoting your business OR getting your all-important legal protection in place – we are making a stand for the ‘and’.

With The Orchard Legal Membership we are making it possible for you to allocate the resources you need to your website, marketing and promotional activities AND still get your crucial legal protection in place. Which will help to ensure you can go all in and do you best work and your business survives and thrives. And all in a way that feels in alignment with your business and values.

Don’t worry if you have been put off by traditional legal documents you have come across before: so stiff, one-sided and completely out of touch with your values and brand – you are worried a contract like that will scare your clients off! All our documents have been created specifically for businesses like yours. They have all the protection you need but are written in plain English and are simple to understand.

Your membership will give you access to a whole library of  documents which have been specially drafted by me especially for your type of business.

For a list of some of the main document types, click here.

And so you know you’re in great hands:

Before I joined the legal membership I was giving my services away for free because I didn’t feel able to charge people without a proper contract.  Now I know that everything is in place and protecting me. Everything is clear for clients and I love the fact if anything crops up you are there.

Rae Smith on The Orchard Legal Membership

Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist™, NLP Practitioner and Coach, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

Hiring Natasha is one of the best things I’ve done for my coaching business. Natasha found a way to make the creating of my contract and terms and conditions super simple and fun even. I never thought I’d say that about legal work.

Louise George

Transformational life and success coach, presenter, writer and actor

I have found everything really helpful and have already got the terms of use, cookie policy and the privacy policy on my website, along with the terms and conditions for my online checkout and the 1:1 coaching contract sorted – I’m so glad to be part of your community!

Lucy Goldring on The Orchard Legal Membership

Health Coach

Having a professional coaching agreement means that I’ve felt at the top of my game from the start and it creates a beautifully strong foundation between me and my clients as well.

Nancy Florence

Life and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

I feel so supported by your expertise, and the way you make things easy for us. Thank you so much for co-creating our life changing businesses

Marie Grand on The Orchard Legal Membership

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist

I love the vibe of this group and want to thank you all. And I feel less like a bunny before headlights when I think of this subject! Thank you xx 

Sara Hayselden on The Orchard Legal Membership

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist

Enrolment has now closed

Thank you so much for your interest in The Orchard.

Our enrolment is currently closed and all our focus is on helping our members to get their legal protection in place.

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